Thursday, July 24, 2008

Picking Strawberries and Mushrooms in Finland

What excitement! We have learned about some of the edible varieties of wild mushrooms, within the 2000 plus species found in the forests of Finland.

Thurmond rowed us to the uninhabited island on a windy day, where we rewarded ourselves after the Great Mushroom Hunt with some hot coffee. Riitta built the fire and served us boiled coffee and chocolate cookies. Yum. Our friend Ilkka, here on the right, served as the mushroom guide, carefully inspecting and mostly rejecting the specimans we found.

Today, we continued to stalk delicious food, heading out to pick strawberries. Unlike Vermont's early strawberry season, Finland's berries are still available the end of July. So sweet and delish, we again enjoyed coffee and some milk chocolate with our berries for a late afternoon snack. We'll fill the freezer with berries, for our friends to enjoy sunlight in the dark of winter.

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