Friday, June 18, 2010

An Extraordinary Evening!

Last night, our goddaughter, Michaela Mae "Sunny" Powers graduated from Westford Elementary. She is heading next fall to Essex High School.

We joined her family and attended the graduation ceremony for her class of around 30, and what an extraordinary night it was!

While we didn't know any other student, the program was so beautiful put together that we happily sat for more than one hour, listening to teachers read tributes to each child. To our surprise and delight, Michaela took the microphone after the faculty toasted her and spoke from the heart for several minutes. Reflecting on her rugged year as an eighth grader, marked by a struggle with her health, Michaela thanked all of her teachers for how they kept lifting her up and encouraging her to finish her work and pass. We were all inspired by the talk, which principal David Wells called, "poised."

Thurmond and I felt great joy when it was announced that Michaela won the Judith DeNova Personal Conviction Award, "Given to the student who has learned to dig deep to find the necessary courage and self-determination to persevere when things get tough." Yes, indeed, that is the Divine Miss M. She can and will do anything she puts her mind to! Hooray for you, MMP, can't wait to hear what you do in high school.

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