Saturday, May 21, 2011

Check Out My First Novel

ON THE EDGE OF TICKLE by Bethany Knight
available for just $1.99 at Smashwords

When we live to please others instead of our selves, sorrow flows. Young Ronny Wickerd suffers a heart attack, and suddenly, no one can pretend any more. The doctor prescribes a summer cottage, which the Wickerd family buys on Tickle Naked Pond.

Wife Arlene punches through her fog, wondering if she would be happier loving a woman. With no sense of her worth, Arlene takes a low level mental health job and finds her wobbly voice as a human rights advocate.

Leaving the granite sheds for nursing school, Ronny falls for poetry and the widowed town clerk. The Wickerd’s quirky daughter Teresa-Sarabelle lands them in family counseling, where more surprises await. Is she psychic or nuts? How does she determine the cause of death by analyzing handwriting? Can she actually “read” the history of an heirloom quilt by simply touching it?

Against the backdrop of a failing family dairy farm, Arlene’s parents try to make sense of it all, as senile dementia bangs at the door. Readers follow their lead; sometimes, it is better to laugh than cry.Set in the beautiful lake country of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, On the Edge of Tickle celebrates true love, authentic living and all that is unseen.
P.S. My husband, Thurmond Knight, painted the cover for the book! How sweet is that??

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