Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cooking at the River of Life

Summer camp is a precious memory. But I wanted a present experience of camp, so this week I am volunteering in Irasburg, Vermont, at the River of Life overnight camp. I was assigned to the kitchen (though I suggested teaching yoga or creative writing would be fun!) where we are making Big Amounts of Food!

Kitchen manager Carol has the morning all mapped out for us (see her in photo above, in red apron). Brownington 12 year old Mercy, her mother Holly and I are the crew. Yesterday, the menu included sweet cinnamon rolls for breakfast (known as "monkey bread") chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Sugar Power!

(Nurse Lois also helped serve. And notice we all are wearing gloves.)
The campers are oblivious to the rain, and that is a good reminder for us all. Vermont seems to be the recipient of a rainy summer, so we are all learning that our moods need not be driven by weather. If we can master this lesson, just think how free of mood swings we will be?!

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  1. I went to this camp and I met so many people. They became my friends and uplifted my life. I learned about God in ways I wouldn't have if I went there. People listened and understood me, and never excluded. I want to go there agian. I love Krista and Sarah! They rock, and maid my summer a blast.