Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty and Mystery

For several months, we've been waiting to put a hibiscus plant in the ground.
Part of Florida's allure is the fun of having a garden full of exotic, flowering plants, shrubs and trees. During a February warm spell, we bought a hibiscus; then the weather got colder and we just weren't sure it would survive 24 hours a day outdoors. Many nights we hauled her onto the screen porch, when the weatherman cautioned us about possible freezing temperatures.

Finally, on Saturday, Thurmond prepared the ground for her arrival. He used fertilizer and mulch and tucked her roots in deep...he even bought some fancy bricks to encircle her.

Then, as if she had been waiting to finally settle down, almost overnight, Miss Hibis adorned herself in giant blossoms. Saucer-sized, reddish orange blooms burst forth from every side. The blooms reminded me of TV dish antennas...wide and beaming upwards.

But, the truth about hibiscus is that their beauty is fleeting. Blooms last but one day. At sunset, they begin to close up, and by the next sunrise, they have fallen to the ground. Watching this display, I am struck by the beauty and the mystery.

Accepting the seasons of life, in all their manifestations, is not always easy. We may want something to last longer, for a friend not to move, for a visit to be extended. But everything has a beginning and an end. The secret, it seems, is to fully enjoy the time in between. And keep our eyes open, watching for the next buds.

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