Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rejoicing and Running, Apple and Azalea Blossoms

We are rejoicing in the gorgeous days of May, tumbling in one after another. Celebrating the return of the plants and flowers is not confined to these happy pictures from Finland reveal! Thanks to friend and photographer Riikka Luukkainen-Markkula for these reminders of the miracle of the seasons. Here is her shot of a newly sprouted rhubarb leaf.
I believe my appreciation of spring has not only been heightened by the warmer than usual temperatures, but because I HAVE STARTED RUNNING. I can hardly believe I just wrote that, but yes, it is true, and I am having a great time. You ask WHY?

The entire month of January, Thurmond and I worked to recover from the awful swine flu, known as H1N1 around the world. Our energy was robbed, our bodies were weak and weary. I kept asking him, "What is the lesson of this flu?" Of course, only I could answer the question for myself.

When I finally did, I saw that I had allowed myself to get run down and susceptible to illness. I vowed, "When I get over this awful bug, I will commit myself to fitness." And I have!

What I didn't expect was that besides getting stronger, running would make me happier. I have this clean feeling, like I am open and ready to hold onto much more each day. Not only am I experiencing myself as more patient, but everything seems manageable. I suddenly see there is enough time in the day to live it well.
Saturday, I was able to smell the fragrant blossoms of the wild apple on Shadow Lake Road at least 30 before I reached the tree. (The flowering apple photograph above is actually from Finland, taken by RLM's trusty Olympus!) I left home that morning, determined to run the nearly 6 miles into town. One foot after another, I got to town. My face was so red, friends at the nursing home thought I had been burned! Just my happy heart, circulating blood and oxygen.

Thurmond drove down and met me at The Busy Bee Diner, where Tiana made me an enormous blueberry pancake. Yum.

Tomorrow, I am running again, with another woman named Bethany, who is also excited about reclaiming her fitness this spring. We both credit the other for the inspiration to keep running and pressing on...and we figure that Bethany times two is especially mighty. Nothing like the power of an encouraging friend. (I urge you to treat yourself to one.)

I've ordered myself a pair of New Balance WR1224 shoes, supposed to be great for stability and correcting my pronated right foot. I learned about these shoes reading Dr. Ben Kim's fact-filled blog. He writes, "From what I've read and heard, the latest models by New Balance provide an excellent combination of stability and support. One longtime client threw away her custom-made orthotics after going with the New Balance WR1224 shoes. Though these shoes are designed to support serious runners, in my mind, they're excellent for long walks and just going about your everyday activities."

Oh, you're wondering about the color of my new 1224s? AZALEA!

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  1. Dear Azalea, I'm gonna git me a pare of them azalea shoes. Love, Yo Mama