Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking a Tiny Place in History

When Vermonters voted in the August 24 primary election, no one thought we would wake up on the 25th still not knowing who the Democrats had nominated for a Gubernatorial candidate.

But that's just what happened....with less than 200 votes between the two top candidates, the second in line asked for recount.

Enter, members of the local Boards of Civil Authority, including me. Today, fellow Gloverite Joan Alexander and I brought the town's Primary ballots to the Orleans County Superior Court in Newport. Wednesday morning, groups will gather in courthouses throughout the state to conduct the recount. Results will be ferried to Montpelier, to Washington County Superior Court. Then....Vermont will learn who is running for Governor as a Democrat.

In the meantime, Republican nominee Brian Dubie is busy campaigning for the Governor's seat. Our current Lt. Governor, Brian is a fine man and he has my vote.

As Joan and I (pictured here) drove to Newport this morning, I mentioned it was kinda fun to play a small part in this historic moment. Stay tuned!

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