Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back in Beloved Mother India!

My journey from Vermont (by car) to Florida, Florida to NY (by plane), NY to Connecticut (by bus and train) and back again....then jet from NY to India....successfully ended this morning.

I'm writing from my bed in Bangalore. All is well, even my luggage arrived.
Sujata had a flat tire driving to get me at the airport, so we took a cab back home.

A few pictures from Heathrow Airport in London...the Brits don't mess around with tiny printed warnings on their cigarette packages! Looks like they cost about the same as in the US, a carton for $50+.
And look who couldn't get the vending machine to kidding, James Bond, 007, himself, Pierce Brosnan. I'm not kidding. You'll have to trust me with this poor photo...but I didn't feel like bugging the guy.

India is lush and green...I'll post some photos after a good nap. I am grateful!

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