Sunday, January 30, 2011

Celebrating 31 Years and 35 Days

Papa Elliot is 31 on the 31st.....and Malcolm just turned 35 (five precious weeks) so we had a party to celebrate these milestones. Here's (forgive me...) "Malcolm In The Middle!"
Mama Ali bravely took her first outing alone since the the beauty parlor. Somehow, she looks even more beautiful!

When I was a baby, all the father's wore hats. I called them "Frank Sinatra Hats." Seeing this hat at at Marshall's, I couldn't resist. Elliot loves his Father Hat.

Kissing Malcolm is something his parents do all day (and sometimes much of the night!) long. What a kissable boy. Here, Mally is kissed by Mama, while Papa reads him some Dr. Seuss.
For our Birthday Luncheon, Grammie Pat, Ali's Mom, made her mother's famous and delicious Danish Kringle...poppyseed and raspberry...for the birthday cake. Grammie Yogie (me) brought special candles from India, as well as the tablecloth.
We spent much of Saturday as a family, sitting in the cozy house, watching Malcolm, listening to Malcolm, smiling about Malcolm, loving Malcolm. What a life!

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