Thursday, June 26, 2008

Living Means Giving

On a rare sunny day last week, my friend and ward, Debbie Thompson Larose and I set off for Morrisville, Vermont, where we were to walk in the Relay for Life. A nationwide American observance, Relay for Life supports cancer survivors and raises awareness about cancer. My friend, Lucy Fogg, an 11 year survivor of breast cancer, had invited us to walk with her. (L to R, me, Deb and Lucy.)

On the drive to Morrisville, Debbie spotted a television for sale on a lawn. As her TV had been fried during a big storm that week, she wanted to buy a replacement. "I would like $50 for the TV and VCR," the seller, Diane, told us. Debbie had $35 to spend.

"We will stop at the end of the day, after we come back from Relay for Life, and maybe, if the TV hasn't sold, you will consider Deb's $35. OK, Diane?" I said.

"You are going to Relay for Life? Well, then. Please donate $20 when you get there, and Debbie, I will give you the TV and VCR," Diane said.

Debbie and I blessed and thanked Diane, and loaded the treasure into the car.

At the Walk, Debbie was told her $20 would buy four luminaries, the paper bags with a candle inside. Deb decorated them as a tribute to Lucy and then we walked.

What a grand day of goodness we had. Everyone was so happy...Deb, Diane, Lucy, Bethany. Our cups runneth over.

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