Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Records...90 degrees and a Bear!

Northern Vermont finally received the hot weather we've been waiting for...90 plus degrees worth! Thurmond and I paddled our canoe out into Lake Memphremagog, to Rising Sun, our lovely old sailboat. Moored in a private and cozy cove, the boat is a great getaway. In the distance, we heard lawnmowers, as virtually everyone with a lawn scurried to mow it was finally warm and dry.
Back home after 7 p.m., Thurmond hopped on his riding mower to get control of our tall grass, while I called Elliot, our son. Suddenly, I heard a thumping I couldn't figure out...where was it coming from? HEY! A BLACK BEAR WAS ON OUR SCREENED PORCH, WALKING AROUND. Elliot told me to take a video. AS I STARTED FILMING, OUR BEAR (HE OR SHE?) CAME UP ON HER HIND LEGS AND PEERED RIGHT INTO THE HOUSE.

Godcidentally, as I am posting this message, my husband sent me today's Daily Om, the subject is Bear Medicine. When we are awake to the Universe, such extraordinary moments are frequent and welcome.

Last fall, we had a lovely young female moose spend several days here on our land, munching down all the young apple trees and blueberry bushes. After we got over the loss of our orchard, we began to realize just how lucky we were to have such a visitor.

When wildlife presents itself, we are reminded that, in truth, we are the encroachers, the intruders. These woods are home to many species; we are just the most recent to take up residence. How wonderful it is to be able to share space with wild things, to live in harmony with them all. Mallards are raising their young in the pond. Goldfinches are at the feeder. Soon, the baby foxes will be running around the pond. We are blessed with such beautiful neighbors.

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