Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Counting our Blessings in Candyland

Our past few days have been especially blessed.

Neighbor Sandy is home from the rehabilitation center. Vermont friends, Dave and Diane Thurber, found a unit here in the park they liked, and at this moment, they are signing a purchase and sale agreement. (We're standing together, below.)

Down the road a bit, another neighbor learned today she does NOT have cancer.

And, trivial as it may sound compared to all of this...our little place has been transformed, by Louis the Magical Painter, into Candyland! The gray look was how the place looked when we bought it. Candyland is today! Thurmond and puppy Cindy are posing for you to see the length of the place (below).

In the midst of the world's strife and struggle, it is nice to celebrate a bit of personal joy. Watching the news, we can forget there are plenty of wonderful events and people around us. Thought you would like to read some good news.

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