Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hanging Out at the Pig Mutton Hotel

Plump little piggies, is it time for a change?
Do you crave some city scenery; to expand you’re your dreary range?

Whitefield weekend getaways are the latest vacation rage.
Why not grab your bag, leave the barn and escape your familiar cage?

If country life has become a bit dull,
Consider hanging out at “Supriya’s Pig Mutton Hotel”.

Roam about the lobby with other guests, also fresh from the farm.
Like Mr. and Mrs. Goat, whose heady bouquet is bound to charm.

They, too, need a break, to cleanse their tired palette,
Fed up with grass, longing to be served with a crisp Caesar Salad!

You need not lift a leg nor raise a hoof,
Supriya provides all the comforts, under one roof.

Feel free to rest up, to overeat and even to sleep in,
Trust our innkeepers to fulfill your every whim.

With pleasure, we’ll wine you and we’ll dine you.
Encouraging a dip in our hot tub of creamy white roux.

Supriya’s specialty we confess, is our karate-chopping masseuse.
A master with flesh, he’ll make you tender and loose.

Just stretch out on his table, and let him proceed.
His hands are like magic; you’ll be transformed, indeed.

Guaranteed, be you pig or goat when your enter our gate,
You’ll leave as pork and mutton, piled high on a rich man’s plate.
Above, former guest hanging out at the Pig Mutton Hotel.

1 comment:

  1. oh bethany..
    you will never know how the pig brings back india memories..
    riding in the bus.. seeing the pigs tied to the roof of cars..the heat, the noise..