Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Peaceful, Joyous 2009 Bouquet

Dear Ones:

As my Finnish friend RL says, "Have a good turning of the new year and a happy new year of 2009! We're in the midst of an adventure called life : ) !"

As my poet friend Morgan Brown writes,

"A Happy New Year Wish!

May the coming twelve months be much better for you and yours than was the case during this year.

Affording for greater opportunities and quality time to put painful or bad experiences within the past,
In an effort to plant and nurture seeds of charity, joy and hope where once existed loathing, grief and fear.
Thereby offering an inspiring example to help others keep faith in continuing on as well as to hold fast,
Working together to build communities with meaningful futures and better chances for them to last."

And as my husband, Thurmond says,

"Happy Obama New Year!"

I toast these three for expressing messages we all can call our own.

My prayer for 2009? May the new year bring abundant peace and prosperity, particularly to those little corners of the world so parched for good will, well being and hope. And may those of us who have been blest with bounty find more and more ways to share all that we have....most especially our love.

I am so thankful for my life, and the family and friends I love so fervently.


  1. YES ! " We're in midst of an adventure called life ." !! I feel so thankful .
    Hapy New Year wish from Finland !

  2. Healthy New Year Wishes from Enosburg VT!

  3. Happy New Year to you as well. I too am looking forward to a renewing in 2009 (I have a new grandbaby coming in March and we will have a new president). May you all have a prosperous and peacefilled new year.