Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peek at the Week

In India, milk is boiled and lemon juice added to make paneer. Here in the US, we call paneer Cottage Cheese.
Using some wonderful hormone-free milk, I made my own cottage cheese this week. So easy; after you stir some lemon juice into the boiled milk, you simply let it sit and separate. Then, hang the cheese to let all the whey drip away. Yum! Soft and delicious...and simple.

Besides making my own cheese, I went on several walks. What happened to the big orange grove I used to pass? The grove I would sneak an orange from whenever I walked by? Look what I found stepping up on the curb...more stores.

Thinking about all the work that was spent on planting that orchard and caring for the trees, I felt sad seeing the parking lots. I also just felt bad for the trees themselves, still bearing such wonderful food...killed for another parking lot.
Finding the balance between consuming and appreciating is a great challenge for our nation, and for each of us as individuals. Whenever I think I need to buy something, I pause, breathe and ask myself, "Don't you already have what you need?"
I remember my friend, Velu, and I were in the small store in a Sivananda ashram a few years ago, in Neyyar Dam, southern India. Holding a book of Sivananda's talks, I stood debating about buying it. "Don't you already have a book?" Valu asked me.
A book? I thought. I have hundreds and hundreds.
I didn't buy the book. And I still have plenty of unread books to read.
May this be a Christmas season of appreciating, more than consuming. Let's celebrate all that we can share with others.

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  1. Hmmm.

    Maybe the former owners of the orange grove had to sell it off due to the fact that they were going broke as a result of someone stealing their oranges, multiplied by all those who walked by and took one each time they passed by?

    :-) [smile]