Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Take a Tee Hee Walk with Me!

So, I took a 7.5 mile walk today, and was totally entertained by the signs. At first glance, I thought the plaza advertised on the left was selling BLIND PUPPIES.

And, if this tanning parlor thinks that promising people will get as dark as I, they have a real losing campaign going. I still look like a pasty white Vermonter!

What is fun about these two signs is that they are directly across the street from each other.

I guess this sign suggests the order activities will occur....have a drink, then suddenly you're suddenly tousling hair and into a massage....

As a vegetarian, I got a special kick out of the meat loving businesses along my walk. At this shop, the Universe is being thanked for a soda and dog....

And look what one of the drive-ins is offering as a Christmas present for the hungry....

My friend, Alice Stewart, who will be 96 on her next birthday, is a meat eater (here we are at the Salvation Christmas dinner party) who remembers her mother singing out whenever someone said, "AMEN," at the end of grace:

"Amen, so let it be,
Pig's ass, very good meat."

What more can I write?!