Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Working Mothers and Their Children

Thanks to the hard working staff of the Care Foundation for Children and Aging, I've been meeting hundreds of hardworking mothers operating their own snack shops, hostels, buffalo dairies, dress and tailor shops, vegetable stands and water businesses. Today, I spent time in Basuregadi, a village outside of Hyderabad, where I met women who help feed their families as farmers. Cotton, chili peppers and corn were the most common crops.
One of the highlights was meeting the family of Lakshmi and Nagaraj Varma. Watermelon farmers, they have raised three sons, ages 21, 22 and 24, who are all college graduates. What a remarkable achievement! Working six acres of land, Farmer Varma raises vegetables and fruit to support his family. Only one son, Ravi, is sponsored by CFCA. Ravi is pursuing a degree in business. The eldest son (nicknamed Funny) is working as a computer teacher and on a PhD in psychology. What a great leap in the history of India, in one generation, to achieve this advancement!

p.s. On Easter Sunday, my friends Clement and Sr. Johncy wanted to go to a tailor shop. For the working mother who owns and operates it, the day was not a day of rest. But as you can see, it was for her son!

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